What is The Epoch Advisory? - The Anticipated Fresh Out Of The Booth Interview

The dictionary definition of the noun "epoch," pronounced /'epək/ is "the beginning of a distinctive period in the history of anything." The Epoch Advisory is a creative boutique agency championing a personal approach to public relations in the Hollywood music scene. Often forgotten, music supervisors are instrumental in shaping all of Hollywood's most memorable television and film scenes. Well-placed music on the screen has the ability to amplify the emotional intensity of a moment for its viewers. The Epoch Advisory takes pride being part of the beginning of a distincitve period in the history of music supervisors in our public relations approach.

What is the importance of a music supervisor on a film and television cast? A music supervisor is tasked with the goal of creating a soundtrack that works as a cohesive gel, piecing together the narrative so that you can absorb nonlinear scenes with better clarity and context. Name one of your favorite soundtracks. That's a tough question. I'm a 90s child so let's talk about the timeless class Clueless (1995). How has a film about privileged youth in Beverly Hills retained its appeal over two decades? I believe that the answer lies in the soundtrack that's far removed from the glitz and glamour of the main character's life, Cher. The music drifts away from that pomp and posh with punchy, grimy sound that helps give depth to the story. It lets you in one a big secret: This is not about the Valley Girl Frank Zappa famously scorched. Tell us about yourself. Well, my name is Dani. I was born and raised in New York City. I went to undergrad at ASU where I studied Business, Communications Advising, Public Policy, Leadership and Ethics, and International Studies. I moved to Hollywood California in 2012 after graduation. I lived at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel much to my parents demise and I interned at a fashion PR firm. I then worked in events and marketing at the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. After I left the Chamber, I was hired as a Senior Talent Publicist. I decided to take a stab at Law School and attended Pepperdine in Malibu, where I realized I hated the law and negotiations via dispute resolution was more up my alley. Now I am the CEO at The Epoch Advisory. My mission is to get music supervisors the credit they deserve through press exposure, media strategy, studio & network relations, conflict resoltuion, award campaigns, and event programming.