The Blankz Release 2 New Singles "White Baby" & "Sissy Glue"

The Blankz have released 2 New Singles titled "White Baby" & "Sissy Glue" which is available on all streaming services as of right now, as well as physical copies including CD and Vinyl.

“White Baby” is a true story. The Blankz’ singer, Tommy Blank, comes from a unique background having been adopted as an infant (of mainly Irish, French, and German heritage) into a Mexican family in Phoenix, Arizona. The considerable confusion that followed is something just about anyone can understand, but luckily for us, it resulted in a supportive family life for young Tommy and a killer song from his new band, The Blankz. “Sissy Glue” weaves the classic tale of “Fun with inhalants” that is sadly lacking in weirdo punk today. Just like huffin’, “Sissy Glue” punches the listener right in the brain stem. Grab your favorite sock, a can of Krylon, and fire away!

The tracks are exciting and a thrill to listen to thanks to the well played guitar and bass that synchronizes perfectly with the drums and vocals.

The Blankz also have composed a music video for their single "White Baby" which you can view here:

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