Never Stops: An Interview With Booth Music's Very Own, Skyout.

It would have been around late April when I decided I wanted to create a record label after the platform Fresh Out Of The Booth Created. My first artist was my long time friend, Mikayla Sant, aka Flowerkid, who I had been making music with a year prior to the start of Booth Music.

After I created the record label, I had to scout for artists who I personally believe can go far with their music. Within the first year of Fresh out of The Booth, I had worked with over 600 very different people. I established connections and established friendships with acquaintances. however I came across someone who I hadn't previously worked with and that person would become one of my first artist to help create Booth Music.

Aaron, who at the time went by Aerotic, had music that had me on the edge of my seat, and he still continues to create exciting and unique sounds today. Right now, Aaron is known as Skyout, and we were fortunate enough to fit in a quick interview in our very busy lives which we dearly dedicate to music.

When did you realise that you had a passion for music?

Well it was back in 2014. We were in this school trip and this friend showed me Skrillex. And my mind was blown I was like what is this. Then I started digging dubstep a lot. I was 12 by that time. About 3 months after that happened I downloaded this crappy daw called LMMS which stands for Linux Multimedia Studio. And I was working crap beats all day all night there. And by December of 2016 I downloaded Fl Studio 12. And I started learning some stuff from it, in January 5th i think I opened a soundcloud with the name PENGUIN and I spent most of my career with that crappy name. I also still have some songs on Youtube which you can find on dubstep and trap. They are so bad I dont even know why they published my stuff hahaha. Then I changed my name to Kaito. and then Aerotic and finally Skyout. Yes I have changed alot of names. But when I was with the name of Aerotic. I realized that all this time I wasnt doing this seriously. I didn't really take it as a real passion. It was just something I was doing. So I had to change the name since Aerotic was a joke cuz it had erotic in there. So I had to change the name to Skyout. After I changed this name I realized I had sacrificed a lot for music. The relationship with my father, friendships, social life and many others. I realized this is not just a passion this is all I have.

Who are your main inspirations as an artist?

Well... as it belongs to music I really listen to a lot of trip hop and old boom bap/hip hop instrumentals. Also electronic music and rap but I mainly listen to that. Cuz I feel like if I listen to the genre Im doing I wont be unique. But as it belongs to inspirations its really stuff in my life. Like being just so different from everyone else and not being able to fit in, being alone all the time which I enjoy etc but also happier stuff like maybe the little group of friends I have and other stuff. As for artists, I think joji, ekali, getter, and medasin, I feel like I have learned so much important stuff from them for art and such. My music is mainly about peace and love. Also I really have it hard to express myself in word so I do it with music.

What would you like to achieve as an artist?

My main goal is to get signed from owsla and travel the world playing my music. But I don't really care about being famous. Whats really important to me is to be able to make a living by just making music. That's just a dream come true. But as farther for this and the next year I am just going to be experimenting and perfecting my craft I don't think I am going to try to blow up. I might just put some effort on making a base of people that support me. But I need to get my parents to support me as well, I feel like I just need to win some money to show them that I can make a living off this and maybe they will support me hopefully.

What is your most memorable moment while being an artist?

I honestly don't know. Maybe its just back then when a song of mine got like 2,000 plays on Soundcloud it was like the biggest thing to me but now I look back and I am like "pfft". Maybe also when I got signed to Booth and I posted it on instagram and everyone in my class was like oh congrats, congrats. I understood that people will be there for you success but not your struggle. But it wasnt really big success but they were making it look big and in my mind I was like "its nothing you retards". The most important moment was when I started working on forward with Flowerkid. Because I felt like I was trapped in music. I felt like I was addicted to it. I really wanted to quit. I put some more thought to it and understood that this was all I had and I couldn't just give up. So I told Flowerkid to make the song about not giving up and it was amazing. But I think the most memorable moment for me is going to be when I get signed to Owsla hopefully and when someone comes to me and asks for an autograph or tells me I inspire them. That's just really big for me.

What is the biggest artist you've worked with?

I mean I hate collaborating with people. The only person I have collaborated with is Flowerkid and it wasnt like I thought. I expected her to drag the project for so long but she was so fast and good. I sent her the beat and the next day she was like here are the vocals. I really liked the vocals and finished the song within three hours in my hotel room in Tirana. But yeah Flowerkid. I am annoying my friends Cryjaxx and Marin Hoxha for collabs hahaha. I am just kidding guys I am not so good yet to collab with yall.

Tell us a little more about your most recent project?

I am working with Flowerkid on a song called Sinking Happiness. I am sending the beat right after this interview hahaha. But also a song with a rapper who I don't wanna name yet. And there is some weird stuff, emotional stuff all sorts of things. Coming soon. I don't wanna say any releases cuz I might not release at all hahaha.

What should we be looking forward to from you in the future?

A lot of new stuff coming. Sounds you never heard. I am really spending alot of time experimenting and doing weird stuff. Dont expect any growth from me. But better music? 100%. A lot of new sounds a lot of new concepts and some weird trap which I am really putting effort in.

So yeah its gonna be a good time with good music

What can you tell us about yourself as a person?

I get some messages sometimes saying "you are so depressive" no I am not. My generation has no idea what depression is. They say they have depression since they really want attention they day for attention. No one really cares. But I am a nice guy if you are not a degenerate. And if you are completely yourself and dont tell lies to look interesting. I am wild sometimes and just really start doing dumb things. Which I am trying to avoid. I will also tell you who you are if you act fake around me. I am pretty honest but I cant say that like all liars say that lying. So you can just ask my friends. I think I am also very weird. I think I am very different I fit nowhere. I genuinely look at people and think in my brain must be a degenerate. Cuz it is what it is I belong to a degenerate generation. I can be very mean when I am frustrated quiet when I am broke and funny when I am crying. Yes I am complicated as hell.

So I think this is it. I gotta get back to making music.