Plevyak: The Interview

Skyfall, a distribution and promotions imprint label under Sony Music Group has partnered with Pop artist Plevyak to release his next single "Fly." Fly will be distributed to over 200 stores in 170 different territories worldwide.

Since graduating high school, Plevyak has released a handful of new singles, including his first Nashville produced single ‘Let Me Through” released in January 2016, which entered the top Singer/Songwriter songs on the Itunes Charts. The music video for the song premiered on VEVO and racked up over 25K views in just a few days. In March 2017, Plevyak dropped his first name from his artist name and started going under his last name solely. Giving him free reign to blur the lines of Solo Artist and a Band. Plevyak crafted his sound growing up listening to 70’s/80’s Rock and Soul music, as well as drawing inspiration from newer artists such as John Mayer, Ben Rector, and The 1975.

His current release "Fly" melts a blend of Pop, Country, and Rock to deliver a big, uplifting, catchy summertime hit. Plevyak, who recently moved to Nashville from his small hometown in Maryland, wrote this song about chasing dreams, and creating new experiences. The song encourages the listener to do the same and experience life to the fullest.

We were fortunate enough to interview SkyFall:

When did you realise that you had a passion for music?

Believe it or not, guitar hero was actually what got me into music. Then my dad took me to an AC/DC show in 7th grade and I knew that night I wanted to play guitar. I started playing guitar for a couple years and then I discovered Dave Grohl & John Mayer and fell in love with songwriting and singing. I’ve been doing this career for about 5 years now. I feel like the last 2 years though I actually know what I’ve been doing haha. It’s all trial & error and a learning experience. I love the journey and the process.

Who are your main inspirations as an artist?

I was raised on rock n roll and that will always be my favorite but my influences are always changing. Currently I’d say John Mayer, Ryan Adams, The 1975, Brothers Landreth, Jhene Aiko, and Corey Harper.

What would you like to achieve as an artist?

-I’m sure every artist or band would say a record deal haha, but right now my near future goals are to stay independent, get a manager, and hopefully get with a booking agency like CAA or WME. I want to be on the road a lot hopefully opening for some more established acts and I think we put on a super fun live show. I just want to be on the road.

What is your most memorable moment while being an artist?

We did a big show last summer at the Baltimore Soundstage. It was packed and so fun. So many times I saw tons of people singing along to every lyric to so many songs and got chills. To me that was such a incredible moment and knowing you are doing something right. Also on our first tour, one night we played a last minute show at this dive bar in Columbus, Ohio on a rainy Sunday night. There was 5 people in the venue and we just didn’t play our best by any means. After the show, two sweet girls came up and said they drive 3 hours to be there. So 6 hours round trip. I felt so disappointed in myself that I played not my best and learned major lessons that night. Always give your all , even if there’s 5 people in the room. You never know who’s listening.

What is the biggest artist you've worked with?

Funny enough, when I was in high school I opened for Smashmouth, which was awesome cause I used to rock out to all their music when I was younger. Allstar is a classic. I’ve also gotten to open for Questlove from The Roots which was really cool. Tell us a little more about your most recent project?

So “Fly” is my newest single that just came out. It’s the biggest song I think i’ve done in terms of epicness. It’s also the most Pop/Country tune I’ve done. It’s about wanting to get out of a small town, chase dreams, and bring that special person you love along for the ride with you. I wanted the listener to feel like they were up in the clouds in a way, so we have a bunch of strings on it and it almost sounds like cinematic. It’s got a fun, summertime feel to it. We shot the music video for it in Destin, FL and that was an absolute blast.

What should we be looking forward to from you in the future?

In September I plan on releasing a new EP which I’m really excited about. It’ll be almost like a mixtape of what I think i’m capable of as an artist. We are also going on a East Coast/Mid Atlantic tour in the Spring with Christian Lopez which will be super fun. That should be announced soon! Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers? I hope you enjoy the tunes! If you do, follow us on spotify and social media and we would love to see you at a upcoming show!