Tim Aeby - An Interview with one of the best in the Music-Producing Industry

Tim Aeby is a French music producer/song writer who has taken the music industry by storm with a creative touch. This producer who specialize in Pop, Dance and Urban has released on behalf of Spinnin' Records, Ultra Music and Sony Music just to mention a few. He already has quite a few accomplishments up his sleeve, such as working with John De Sohn which resulted in Aeby receiving the Sweedish Platinum Award for an excess of 50,000 units sold.

Aeby has achieved so much as a producer and he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. We were fortunate enough to interview him on his practice.

How did you end up being a music producer? Funny fact I didn't grow up wanting to become a record or music producer. I've always been playing and composing music, I actually started learning the piano at the age of 7. But you know, at some point in my life it felt natural to try and be an artist. I approached the music industry as a Dance Dj and producer, signed a couple records on labels such as Enhanced Music, Flashover Recordings and got some Beatport Top 100s. But in the end of the day it didn't feel right to me, something was missing. After some time I began collaborating on some projects for a few artists and I realized that this was what I was looking for all along. There's something special when you start from a blank page either working with fellow songwriters or the artists directly and at the same time be the guy who's going to finalize the song, be the last "voice" on the record so to speak. You worked with American singer Lexy Panterra, Jenn Morel and other artists. How is it like? Two lovely artists, and let's not forget songwriters too! In the studio it's simple you either click or you don't, and I've been blessed with every single experiences I got so far. The story behind Lexy's song 'Dame Dame' is too long to tell...but her voice is gold, I enjoyed mixing her vocals a lot. And let's say it paid off, we have like 40+ Million views on Youtube, millions of streams. Let's not fail to mention my friend Claydee and main artist on the song without whom this project wouldn't have been possible. At what point do you say “I’m done” with a song? What’s the feel? Every project, every song is different. I have a tendency to care "too much" about details and very technical aspects of a song, but I always know where my limit is. I believe music is right when it feels right. If I don't feel something is missing, or an element sounds wrong then it kind of passes my quality control. That also means I tried many many variations and combinations before then. Is there any secret recipe to making a hit song? If anybody finds it, please email it me! More seriously, there are rules, there are different techniques and yet that doesn't tell you this is a great song. I deeply believe music has to resonate. It has to echo with us on an emotional level not simple mathematics. And then there is the mixing and mastering part of the process that involves a great deal of knowledge to be done properly and bring that extra life to the song. Any future collaborations, projects you want to talk about? Yes and a lot! I'm currently preparing 4 to 5 records for American and European artists. I can't tell any names yet though. These records are so different from one another, they all have something unique, I'm extremely excited to finish them. Speaking of collaboration who's the top artists you'd like to work with? This is such a tough question for one reason only...there are so many of them. From the top of my head, Latin artist Karol G, I love her vibe, her energy. Definitely Maluma, he has a very distinct way of singing and let's be honest he's killing it! I would absolutely love to make a song with The Weeknd. I'm going to stop there or I'll be citing a thousand names!