DeAndre Wright returns with her new single "Strangers"

Singer-Songwriter DeAndre Wright returns with her new single "Strangers" from her "9 Lives" EP. The impressive songstress who hails from Houston, Texas comes with experience as a performer and roots in Gospel music. That is why listeners can hear the authenticity in every lyric, note, beat and sound on her latest project. She credits timeless artists such as Tina Turner, James Brown and contemporaries such as Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae as her inspirations. Reflecting her eclectic taste, "Strangers" and her "9 Lives" EP leave no stone unturned.

“9Lives is honestly the most personal I’ve ever been," says DeAndre. "I want people to really sit with this and understand how we all connect, how we all get knocked down to get back up every single day.” "9 Lives" is available via download on all streaming platforms. Listen to the EP here: