♅ GR∆V3☦ROBB∆ ♆ Has Released a New Trac KILLAFUCKBOI

♅ GR∆V3☦ROBB∆ ♆ has released a new multi-layered dark track titled KILLAFUCKBOI. ♅ GR∆V3☦ROBB∆ ♆ has shown an enormous amount of talent and improvement as he continues to create new compositions.

The bass heavy mix engages the audience from start to end. The iconic and unique sound, known as the ♅ GR∆V3☦ROBB∆ ♆ sound, encaptulates the audience and creates a dark and deep vibe. ♅ GR∆V3☦ROBB∆ ♆ is one of the most talented edm artists on Soundcloud and his consisetent yet reformed theme has served him well as he improves and finds more success in the music industry.

You can listen to ♅ GR∆V3☦ROBB∆ ♆'s KILLAFUCKBOI here: