Lorenzo Doryon Set To Release His New EP "Paint The Night" and Single "Friends (I Don

Lorenzo Doryon is set to release his new EP, “Paint The Night.” Prior to the release of his highly anticipated EP, Doryon will also be releasing the first single off his EP, “Friends (I Don't Wanna Be).” The single and EP are projected to be a smash hit!

“Friends (I Don't Wanna Be)” has a club/dance vibe to the composition and is accentuated by Lorenzo's graceful and glorious vocals. Towards the end of the track, Lorenzo hits a high notes and shows the full extent of his 4.5 octave range. To understand where I am coming from, you need to experience the melodies and blissful vocals of Lorenzo for yourself. What also excites me is Lorenzo's new EP, “Paint The Night.” The EP has big names attached and promises a bright and successful release. It was produced by Justin Bieber’s producer (Gemini Musiq) and written by Demi Lovato’s songwriter (Jimmy Burney) and Lorenzo. The whole EP was mastered at the iconic Abbey Road Studios by Christian Wright (Ed Sheeran/ Coldplay). Stay connected with Lorenzo on Social Media to be notified when this glorious single and EP is released.

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