The Keymakers Release New Track "Tell Me Something"

Tell Me Something' is the fourth single from The Keymakers and it is another example of the duo's ability to blend elements from electronic and urban music to create a captivating and edgy sound.

Rederic, one half of the duo, said that "Something we always try to do as artists is come up with a finished project that is made up of different styles and inspirations. With 'Tell Me Something', we mixed an R&B groove with energetic electronic sound for a track that really makes you want to move, we're so happy to be able to share it." "We'll be releasing more music faster than we ever have over the next few months," said Rome, the other half of The Keymakers. "Tell Me Something is a song we've wanted to get out for a while and we think it's a good preview to this next chapter of our creative journeys. We hope a lot of different types of listeners can appreciate the vibe"

The track is energizing and exposes the listener into a new mastered and powerful sound. This duo is unique and has a distinguishable style I personally like, a lot. Add this fun track to your playlist, share it with a friend, and connect with The Keymakers on Social Media!

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