Editframe.com : The Way Musicians Should Be Making Videos

Editframe is an online alternative for video creators and can be extremely helpful for musicians looking for a quick, free and easy way to create videos. You can create an array of mixed multimedia types from influence videos to memes. The easy to use online platform is a must for any musician to create quick videos and no advanced skill is required.

After using the online video making software for a while, I was satisfied with what it had to offer. Personally, I have had a lot of experience with creating video, and this software is a video makers dream. You can combine footage with music and text and even adjust the aspect ratio of your movie. It has a simple and clean UI that is non-threatening to someone who may have had little to no experience with video making prior.

A big feature I like is being able to use Youtube videos simply by copying and pasting a link. No longer will you have to use a third party website to download a Youtube video where you might use only a few seconds of the clip. Being able to copy and paste Youtube videos is time saving and a feature I am impressed with.

Memes! Editframe is not only a video maker but also a meme maker. Memes are essential for artists and allow to spice up and develop a stronger connections with their dynamic fan base. Editframe was made for social media as you can resize your meme to fit on Instagram, Twitter and so on.

I used the editor to make a meme of my own. I simply downloaded a meme from Giphy and dragged and dropped it onto my editor. I then added some text and some music I had on my computer to tie it all in together. The process took me no longer then 5 minutes and I was pleased with the end result.

You can also upgrade your account and receive HD and faster rendering, as well as longer videos and priority support.

Overall I was impressed with what Editframe had to offer and would recommend it to any artist looking to develop a strong connection with their audience, or anyone looking to create a quick video or meme.