Nune Releases a New Single "If I Try" Feat. SooSmooth

Nune has teamed up with SooSmooth to release a new song titled "If I Try"

The track has an uplifting tune and lyricism that tells a story in a unique and creative fashion. This is definitely a track to add to the playlist.

Nune, which is his family nickname, derived from the fact that he was born 25 minutes past Noon on May 3rd. If you search his horoscope you will see and read what very much describes his personality. Quiet and willful in nature, full of peace, loyal to the core, and invoked with the inner strength of the bull that represents his "Taurus" Constellation. Mr. Propane, his alias, derived from one of the songs he composed which will debut on his upcoming album "Intervention". It symbolizes the inner pressure constantly building within, once exposed to the Heat of the moment, set to explode. This explosion comes in the form of Lyrical Substance.