Recipe4Winning Releases A New Music for his single "We Up"

Recipe4Winning has released a new music video for his single, We Up.

Born Tevin Gaiter, Recipe4Winning developed his passion for music when he realized his gift of singing at the early age of 5 - as a young vocalist he enjoyed making vocal covers of popular songs and sharing them with music lovers all over the internet. He continued to grow as a musician, progressing into songwriting his own pieces and sharing them with his loved ones. Suddenly, with the influence of the real Kanye West, Recipe found a new and long-standing interest in Hip Hop that would transpire into the multitude of singles and mixtapes - overall good music that he releases today. We appreciate this creative for staying true to himself; it's clear that his sound is inspired by his life experiences in the hustle and bustle of the nation's capital, Washington, DC. What's to be expected of Recipe4Winning's Underrated LP? A project filled with heavy-hitting tracks - some of our favorites to include Sections, Mission Impossible, and Underrated. This tape may be titled 'Underrated,' but it's definitely an impressive body of work worth experiencing, Be the first to stream this fire when it drops on all sites November 14th.