LUURK & AfterWeLand Collaboration?

On Thursday afternoon, we received an interesting email which hinted that music artists AfterWeLand and LUURK were set to collaborate and work on a new project. We could only further investigate this intriguing inkling and determine whether this collaboration is legitimate or wishful thinking.

LUURK (Alexander “Sasha” Conway) and AfterWeLand (Nicklaus Grassett, known from the band In Finding Way), the two rumored artists, have apparently come together to form a band that is equally visceral as it is musical, and this isn’t loosely depicted or to be taken lightly. Under the name idkanymore, the band has already put together an array of social media accounts with subtle and ominous hints of what/who is involved. Regardless, the anticipation surrounding the prospective project has been apparent, and both LUURK and AfterWeLand have declined to comment at this time. Followed by a wink-faced emoji.

After intense investigation and digging deep into the social media platforms of the upcoming project, we managed to find a logo for the band and some unreleased tunes from the duo. Fresh Out Of The Booth's prediction is that the project will be released in 2019. If this project is legitimate, it will be something spectacular that you won't want to miss out on.

With that said, make sure that you follow the duo on social media:

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