Luanne Hunt Releases New EP "Backroads, Bottles & Blues"

Hall of Fame and legendary Country recording artist Luanne Hunt has released her new EP, Backroads, Bottles & Blues. The EP explores combing modern music with country and is executed so well by the hall of famer.

To get an initial feel for the style, the opening track, The Rhythm, engages the audience into a composition that isn't quite a country song per se, yet it is a country song with a modern twist and contemporary references.

Luanne often confesses her love for country music and the world that circulates it in her EP. Such as the great American country backroads and the bottles found at gigs she platys at. But whats most important is the blues, and the true meaning of country music. She executes this well in her track Truckstops & Honkytonks, a personal favorite of mine due to the strong clear and crisp vocals, right down to the flawlessly played acoustic guitar.

Following Truckstops & Honkytonks is the slow tempoed, Broken Branches. The percussion in the opening, welcomes you and prepares you to focus on Hunt's glorious vocals. This song is all around perfection, as it taps into broken branches, a metaphor into a broken relationship. Whether it be interpreted with a friend, work colleague, or a lover.

Lightning in a Bottle is next up, and takes a faster approach then Broken Branches. It features the great Steven Bankey. It's a true feet tapper and head-nodder this one. The mix of Bankey's and Hunt's vocals is a great approach to the composition. The glorious keys with the mix of strings. This is a one of a kind track. Quite romantic.

Old Tabacco Road starts off with a simple whistle, but grows into a greatly complex composition, with the reoccurring glorious vocals provided by Hunt, along with that heavenly sounding acoustic guitar and simple yet thumppy drums. The track sounds like a memoir, reminiscent of Hunt's childhood.

Whiskey Wisdom is a powerful track that regards the complications that comes with alcohol. The opening harmonica acts as a motif throughout the composition, it ties in nicely with the somewhat gloomy vocals such as "His best friend is Jack Daniels."

Love Led Us Here is the final track on this, what has been, an amazing adventure. I feel as I have grown with Hunt after listening to the tracks. The ending track ties in nicely with the themes discovered within the EP. the turn by turn, conversing male and female duet type vocals, is immensely soothing and relaxing to listen to.

If you're a fan of country music, looking to get into country music, or just looking to try new things, I suggest Luanne Hunt's Backroads, Bottles & Blues.

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