Jhaga Releases New Album "The Matrix"

On-the-rise Rapper Jhaga, has just released a 13 track hard hitting album entitled, The Matrix. The album consist of fly melodies and a rap flow to die for due to its uniqueness and quality.

Jhaga, AKA The Fly Mad Scientist, a rapper singer songwriter from South San Francisco California, best known for his dynamic and unpredictable style. He combines the grittiness and reality of classic hip hop with a modern twist which gives a new direction to the evolution of hip hop culture. Jhaga's music is inclusive and constructive yet brutally honest and self-reflective.

The purpose of Jhaga is to empower those in the stuggle with seemingly no way out. Rising up from homelessness and nearly every odd stacked against him, he wishes to expose through music, the true potential and power that we hold as living beings with choice. Because of his experiences along with his DNA Jhaga holds the balance of a childlike innocence mixed with a killer instinct and unconstrained fire.

The Matrix begins with the iconic track, All My Real Ones. It converses between a soothing rnb type melody, with the strong and hard flow echoed by Jhaga.

The following track, These Jebronis, has a fast flow and warm feeling to the track. Hard hitting 808s, in time kicks and snares and seperated by a smooth melody. This is a great track.

The album takes a slow turn at Don't let them hands drop. It starts as a dreamy RnB track but then Jhaga flexes his fast tempoed flow and you fall in love with the track instantly. It has all the qualities of a great rap track.

Another great track on the album is the self-titled,The Matrix. With a run-time of 4 minutes and 20 seconds, the track is a journey into the mind of the artist, in reference to the 1999 film, The Matrix.

About U is a meaningful track, possibly about a lover. Jhaga definitely shows his romantic, Travis Scott side in this track. A beautiful and medium to high intensity track to listen to.

Jhaga claims Jaguar Line lineage which is built upon the principles of Loyalty, honesty discipline, integrity, balance, perseverance and stamina. He has chosen to show himself as such in order to help affect a change of trajectory in a world seemingly becoming more fake by the minute along with the consequences of that.

Jhaga's new album, The Matrix, is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated rap albums on Fresh out of the Booth this year, and the album did not disappoint at all. It is a must to check out Jhaga's new album:

Listen Here: https://jhaga.org/music