Hard Rock Group Bad Bones, Release New Album "High Rollers"

Following a stellar 2017, which saw Italian hard rock group Bad Bones tour worldwide with their last album Demolition Derby (Sliptrick Records 2016), the band are now ready to release their latest full-length groove machine given the title High Rollers. Demolition Derby garnered a great response from both established fans and the press, so anticipation has been high for the new release. We’re happy to say, it won’t disappoint!

High Rollers is a no compromise, tough and heavy record that will literally shake your bones. The amazing voice of Max Malmerenda (very close to Badland’s singer Ray Gillen) will lead you on a journey made of furious hard rock and outstanding melodies.

If you can imagine Van Halen, Scorpions, Mororhead and a glimpse of Iron Maiden mixed together, you’ll be getting close to the unique sound of Bad Bones. Sergio Aschieris Guitar riffs and solos touch perfection and the pounding bass of Steve Balocco united with the killer drumming of his brother Lele, produce a wall of sound that takes no prisoners.

High Rollers is a true hard rocking classic!

"Bad bones continue to make some of the best rock n roll on the planet. They combine the great sound of the 80’s mixed with modern hard rock and never lose the that heavy underlying 70’s classic rock sound as well. Bad Bones slam you with great guitar riffs that are catchy, heavy and packed full of melody while the leads stand up to any fret board slinger out there.

Sergio Aschieris is without a doubt a name that will turn heads with his George Lynch and Reb Beach style of playing. Max Malmerenda has such an awesome voice that grabs you with tons of range and just enough grit and dirty blues. Malmerenda is like a modern mix of Tom Keifer, Oni Logan and Ian Gillian. The Balocco brothers, Steve on bass and Lele on drums bring it all together with their thunderous and deep rhythm. Every song brings you back to the great 80’s when MTV actually played real music and the radio air waves rocked."

From tracks such as American Days to Blood Trails, this album has it all. Hard hitting riffs to energize every listener. Plus, there is a video for American Days that you can view here:

Listen Here:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0jbjFjuogBSpElk4pzJhR2?si=WmgdtHjBQF-6HL7FvbRlXA iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1437994993