Skullraiser Releases New EP "Pieces From The Shadow Dimension: The Horror Movie Inspired Music

Skullraiser has released a new EP entitled, Pieces From The Shadow Dimension: The Horror Movie Inspired Music and Rock Collection. The track is strongly horror inspired instrumentals and leaves the listener with chills.

Skullraiser, is a primarily horror based artist who has a really unique approach to his sound and vision. When listening to his music, you almost feel like you’ve been sucked out into an old-school horror flick, with spooky themes and eerie textures. Skullraiser writes music with a very epic, cinematic feel. His creative formula is simple: combining the hard-hitting edge of rock music with the understated melodies of electronica, and the huge vibes of industrial music, exploring so many other possibilities in between.

The track Batman Beyond Melee, has a high intensity feel. The electric guitar riff is exciting, and leads the listener into a journey, accompanied by the furiously played drums.

Left 4 Dead Two, inspired by the video game, takes a more acoustic/banjo approach. The eerie plucking gives the audience chills. A strong and independent track that tells a story, quite similar to the video game of which it's based on.

Freddy's Nightmare Liar, starts off with eerie reverbed keys. At this point, you can tell that Skullraiser is the king of all instruments. The receptively played piano and supporting pad is sick! The feel presented is quite unique in its own sense and forces the audience to think, and be on edge.

Lastly, Technodrome, has an unusual melody, that simply works. Like Batman Beyond Melee, the accompanying drums helps build up the intensity. And not to mention those zaps, doo doo doo doooo. Quick stabs at the listener that forces you on a journey.

There are 14 songs on the EP, so do yourself a favour, download the EP, and listen to it on a late night drive or a spooky night. Skullraiser is the king of Horror Music!

Listen here-