Introducing Flawle$$

18-year-old Flawle$$ is from Denver, CO. The up and coming artist is bursting with potential, with the unique style of music that taps into the feels of the listener. Flawle$$' music is strong and moving.

We spoke to Flawle$$ before:

"I jumped into music because like most people I need a release from my issues. because of this I actually started a movement called #SADGVNG and It's a movement in witch people who feel like they have no one. people who have lost all hope. it's so those individuals can vent to other members and or me to cope with or even stop there depression and to prevent the rate of suicides. even if a person is not struggling emotionally they can still be apart of this movement to help others."

Flawle$$ doesn't view himself as a rapper, rather an artist. Flawle$$' music shows integrity and depth due to the themes and emotions explored.

Tracks such as High$chool note and We Don't Know are practical examples of an artist, tapping into sensitive subjects and making it work.

"I make music for the world and myself."