Aria Elan Releases New Project "Hotter"

Aria Elan's new social justice project "Hotter" was released in November of 2018. The album consists of 10 tracks, and delivers soulful vocals over Hip-Hop Beats and Jazz chords. “Hotter” spans from themes such as racial oppression to saving the environment.

California singer/songwriter Aria Elan released her controversial “Hotter” album on November 16, 2018, and the timing is impeccable. Whether hypnotic beats or jazz virtuoso instrumentation accompany her, Aria’s soulful vocals and lyrical abilities touch her fans on a deep, emotional level. Gary B, 2x Grammy Award Winning Recording/Mixing Engineer, mixed “Reparations.” (Credits: Pitbull, Sean Paul)

In a time of US government shutdown, homelessness, mass incarceration, kids in cages and so much trouble in the world, Aria’s songs give voice to the frustration and yearning for change that’s in the air. Fans who share “Reparations” video and lovely, lush “Earth Aina” video agree that we need music that not only makes us “feel good” but challenges us to think, care and “do good.”

Aria’s debut album “Smile” introduced everyone to her songwriting skills and sultry vocals. “Hotter” elevates the listener to another level; filled with soothing, soulful, sometimes seething social justice poetry sung to music.

A favorite track from this project is Reparations. The strong and profound lyrics, used in the soulful tone over a hard hitting Hip Hop beat is phenomenally well executed. The repetition of the hook is powerful and moves the audience.

Ay Yi Yi takes on a similar theme to Reparations, but with a much more classical instrumental.

Earth Aina tackles the importance of environment, on a much smoother and calmer level when juxtaposed to Reparations. Elan tells it how it is in Earth Aina and forces the audience to open their eyes to the injustices and inconsistencies in regards to the care of our environment.

No Homelessness is a powerful track regarding the state of homelessness. Being from Los Angeles, Elan must be a first-hand witness of poverty on the streets. She brings this issue to light and acts as a powerful voice.

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