Harmon Releases New Single "Night Drives"

Richmond Rapper Harmon, has just released a new single entitled Night Drives.

The track starts with ambient keys, but as soon as those passionate vocals come in, so do the aggressive hi-hats and snares. This track is phenomenal!

Harmon is a rapper, with heavy pop and rock influences, hailing from Richmond, VA. From an early age, Harmon wrote, played, and recorded music, and has gone on to explore numerous genres throughout his childhood and into college.

Harmon’s music today encapsulates struggles of mental health and feelings of loneliness and isolation, and acts as a medium for self-identification. While Harmon has spent a majority of his life seeking his true identity and composing new and old relationships, music has remained a constant in his life and is a creative outlet where others can connect with the desire to be recognized for individuality and not the boxes that external forces impose on you. Harmon is working on new music, with a full project release expected in February 2019.

Listen Here - https://open.spotify.com/album/1U2W2C0fr2QEnmfQZbXvqt#_=_