Keido Bond Releases New Track "Impact"

Keido Bond has released a new track entitled, Impact. The track starts with strings, but then transitions into an innovative and unique style.

This is Keido's debut single and as the song title suggests, it’s all about making an ‘Impact’ on the music scene and establishing himself as an artist living with Bipolar Disorder.

You don't have to understand foreign-language impact to hear the dynamic and changing tone in the artist's voice. The artist has a strong and impactful personal voice that mesmerizes the audience.

The repetition of "I want to make a positive impact" in the hook, is calming and collects all the abstract thoughts and themes.

The beat of this composition also is a key factor into what entices the listener to keep listening. The beautifully played strings and heavy 808s makes this track memorable.

You can watch the Impact music video here:

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