Chughey Releases a New Track "Until That Time" Feat. Freh

Chughey has released a new track entitled Until That Time. The track also features up and coming artist, Freh.

Chughey, is a hip-hop musician who puts passion and hard-work into everything he creates. Originally from Rock, MI, currently residing in Gladstone, MI, Chughey, got into making music in 2012 after an accident snowskating. Always having a creative outlet throughout life, first drawing, then skateboarding/ snowskating, and on to making music, Chughey, needed something to express his creative side through after being injured and unable to skate Drawing inspiration from Eminem, Knowmads, and Atmosphere just to name a few, Chughey, started off remixing tracks, and finding beats to use off the internet, Chughey, worked on developing his skills as a mc and writer. Chughey, went on to release four mixtapes, and an EP: Doodles (Jun 2012), Still In The Sticks (Sep 2013), Sloth Life (Jun 2014), Progress (Jan 2016), and his debut ep, produced and engineered by, SkwirllMaster, Pivotal (Aug 2017). Throughout the development of each project, Chughey, dropped remixes, and singles. Keeping consistently focusing on progression and developing his skills, Chughey, developed a truly solid foundation that is ready to be built into something phenomenal. Expect big things in the near future from, Chughey.

Chughey's latest track Until That Time, provides a sense of high intensity and passion. A truly unique and strong characteristic to have as a hip-hop musician. The fresh beat provides a sense of refreshment, for so long the repetitive trap sound has really taken over the industry. However, the arrangement and fresh vibe Until That TIme brings is something truly unique and refreshing.

Listen Here: