The Rhyme Mastah Releases Two New Tracks

Underground Hip Hop artist from New England, The Rhyme Mastah, has released two new tracks. Lethal and Lethal Black Out Remix. Both tracks are produced by Cesspool Aslylums in house Producer Grim Singmuf, yet both tracks present very different sounds.

The greatly produced and two diverse sounds however should not take away from the lyrics The Rhyme Mastah so cleverly and effectively executes in his rhymes.

"I said it was a matter of seconds, I'll start dissecting your intestines section by section"

The intense and graphic imagery used is lethal, and fits well with the track. It reminds me of Tyler the Creator's older days, but in its own right.

The Black Out Remix has a more intense instrumental with hard hitting kicks and snares, with aggressive hi hats and a faster pace.

Listen Here:

Lethal: Lethal (black out mix):