Cirex Releases New Single "Trust Yourself"

Drum and Bass producer Cirex has released a new track entitled Trust Yourself.

Cirex (real name Eric Ortiz) is a music master genius. Has produced his own music since early 2000's. Cirex' music has been on movie soundtrack such as Horror Movies and the Famous Movie Taken.

Drum and Bass and Dubstep specialist, this American/Puertorican musician is the big deal. He is also a natural guitar and bass player.

'Trust Yourself' is a track that speak for himself his fusion of DNB and Dubstep. The track is heavy in bass, while presenting a face paced tempo, filled with adrenaline. The rapping that matches this track is natural and belongs. The track is full on and multi-layered, and can be appreciated by all music lovers.

With his aggressive music you won't believe this guy is some kind of religious. He identified Himself as Christian- Catholic. His influences goes from Celldweller, Prodigy to Zardonic and Fear Factory.