Gliffo Releases New Track "Get The Sun In Your Head"

Recording artist, Gliffo, has released a new track entitled Get The Sun In Your Head.

The single includes 3 Mixes (Rock/Pop and House) and hit the German Amazon Charts at the release date (Feb. 2019).

The video is nearing 100,000 video views on Youtube.

The song is about opening your mind, forgetting the sorrows and laying back: One morning Gliffo got up whistling and had a nice melody in his head. He whistled this melody in his smartphone and sent it to a Berlin based music producer.

The whole project worked out with the cooperation of an old friend who is a professional musician and music producer. He immediately recognized the potential of Gliffo's melody. Beside the Rock/Pop version producer Jörg Sieghart made 2 different House Remixes, one for House Radios and one for the Dance floor. The story behind Gliffo: The artist Gliffo (who never wrote a song before) got a song idea out of a sudden and saved it. He sent the idea to a Berlin based music producer who had been impressed about the fact that somebody who never wrote a song before is able to write such a catchy melody. With the help of this producer Gliffo finished his song with a really catchy hook.

The Verdict:

The song is super catchy, and shares optimistic themes of forgetting the sorrows and moving on. The nice array of instruments and multiple vocals working together creates for a really nice and professional sound. The music video helps accompany the optimistic themes:

Stream Here: