Samuel Yuri Releases A New Track

Samuel Yuri has released an English Version and Spanish Version of his new track "Nubes Claras / Clear Clouds"

The two versions are apart of the EP "Versions of the Clouds" .

The mix of the drum and the guitar is beautiful and well balanced. The song is highly relaxing and very easy to listen to.

Both versions offer clear and easy vocals. I like listening to the Spanish version as someone who can't fully comprehend the language, and listening to the emotion the vocals bring.

Based out of São Paulo, Brazil, the multi-talented composer, guitarist, keyboardist, and singer Samuel Yuri is truly one of the finest musicians of our present age. Yuri musical tastes range from rock to classical, and he also has a vigorous interest in soundtrack instrumental recordings. Yuri’s musical expertise can be discovered and experienced by listing to his songs and compositions, as is the case with Contemplation Theme I.

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