Introducing Dominic Argiro

Pop/Rock and Roll artist fresh out of New Jersey, has 8 songs he wishes to share with us today. His refreshing style is a great listen.

New Years Love

This track is an upbeat tune about finding a new passion in old love. The vocals are strong and the mix of instruments is perfect.

Let's Dance Tonight

This track is an upbeat fun country/pop song. Argiro promotes his optimistic and fun loving attitude in his music and this song is no exception.

Do It Right (Remix)

Do It Right is yet another upbeat pop rock track. Catchy lyrics, a really nice backing track. This song has it all.

Yesterday Got Away

This track is about embracing and finding an admiration for the past. The bridge of the song has electronic elements and is a nice touch of experimental for the artist.

Another Day

The bass leading into this song is strong and captures the audience from a very early moment in the song. When the vocals creep in, the song transforms into an experience!


This song is a little different from Argiro's other projects. Its a country ballad about going after your dreams and quite honestly, it just works.


Testify has a funky groove to it and a phenomenal soundtrack. It has that tough new sheriff in town vibe and works in very well to the artist's discography.

Cut Me Down

The final track of the day, Cut Me Down is one of Argiro's more harder rock tracks. The guitar offers an awesome sound and the vocals fit in so well.