Mercedez Marie Releases New Track "Young Love"

15 year old Mercdez Marie, has released a new single entitled Young Love.

As an artist, Mercedez Marie has allowed her listeners to be part of her journey. Using her Instagram as direct access for her fans, the viewer is along for the ride in the studio, for sound checks, and even for a few inside meetings with

the team.

Watching the development of this project and being able to give feedback along the way has opened the opportunity for the base to feel vested in this project.

Young love is a song about just that. Every girl has experienced that first love that has you feeling hard for that special guy!

The track has a superb instrumental and Marie's vocals, as well as the rap verse supplied by Emdubai, works perfectly. The track is professional and the clarity in Marie's voice is something you can appreciate.

At such a young age, this artist is doping big things!

Listen Here: