Introducing Morning Cafe

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, a brand new collective by the name of Morning Cafe. The collective loves music and wants to help the industry find new and better ways to pay artists, Give young artists hope they can make it too, but understand that this life is hard work so if you want to be apart of it you've got to accept and learn to loss the losses just as much as the wins.

At this moment in time, there are 4 separate singles on the collectives Spotify page. Snow, Pancakes, Sunday and Morning Routine.

All songs seem to be gentle and ambient, excluding Morning Routine, which offers a more uplifting and exciting track.

Vertity is perfect for a collective, and Morning Cafe has every cup of tea for all music lovers.

You can listen to the band here on Spotify -

Here is a song that we favor, Sunday:

The white noise is a beautiful touch to the lofi beat and sincere rap lyrics. It is a great track for refelection and to use while relaxing. Add this one to your morning playlist and It will lighten up your day, no doubt.