Introducing Easily Amused

Rockish-Metalish influenced band from San Fernando Valley, CA, are experimenting and creating a unique sound that you will love.

A popular song for the band is the track entitled Alright.

Some intriguing drums start this track, followed by enticing guitar chords. The track is triumphant and gets the crowd pumping.

The vocals on this track also fit very well, the track just happens to work.

Another popular song amongst the band's listeners from their latest project The Same Stone is Tbp.

The riff creates an instant classic. The mix of intense drums and experimental vocals adds for an intriguing track you slowly find yourself addicted to.

Band Members are Alex Mosqueda (Guitar/Singer), Riquelme Pastrana (Drummer/Singer) and Adrian Gonzales (Bassist/Singer).

You can listen on Spotify here: