Queenah is switching up the scene in 2019!

2018 is done and dusted and it’s time to look ahead to 2019. Lets face it, hip hop is a male dominated industry and less than a handful of women have been influentual in the game. However, Johannesburg based rapper Queenah is set to switch up the scene this 2019 in a major way.

Like it or not, women have been a vital part of the history of hip hop since its inception, and Queenah is living proof of this. Having made a name for herself in the underground circles, the talented emcee is a well respected rapper and street pioneer of the ghandi square cypher scene - an iconic era in SA hip hop that saw students in and around johannesburg unite in numbers, all in the name of hip hop.

Over a decade later the female rapper is garnering a lot of attention with her comeup to the commercial hip hop scene. And her bold new single “Bow Down” is making waves beyond the borders of South Africa. This is owed to a performance alongside the iconic Monique Bingham, a feature in the legendary Wutang Clan’s official website, and articles written in African digital music magazines.

Theres no denying that Queenah is a force to be reconned with, and in the words of the talented rapper, “this is the year Twenty Nine Queen!”

To download her single go to: https://www.slikouronlife.co.za/artist/29537