Calvin West: The Lyric Video Specialist

Today, I came into contact with an extraordinary man, currently living in Spain. His name is Calvin West, and he specializes in music production and lyric videos.

He recorded his first album in Sweden when he was 19, and his experience in music has allowed him to identify and connect with musician's "Artistic Identity".

"Lyric Videos is something that appeals to me" West stated in a video. While West also specializes in mixing and mastering, he is also enthusiastic with his work on Lyric Videos.

West has an immense and unique talent for creating lyric videos that are captivating, engaging and fit the artist's "Artistic Identity".

Blood, sweat and tears are poured into every single project West takes on. His work ethic and consistent enthusiasm, even after the making of a staggering 1600+ videos must be credited.

West understands the artist and builds a connection with them while producing a quality video, and you too can connect with West and build the dream lyric video.

Lyric videos are crucial for artist in building a connection with the fan base. It embeds the audience with the lyrics, adding value to your project, as it becomes familiar with the listener.

Have a look at Calvins Work here:

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