Lofi Hip Hop Drum Kit - Samplified Essential Sounds Review

Samplified have released two new packs, Lo-fi Sounds and Drum Kit 'Lo-fi & Chill' (w/ Production by quickly quickly) and Lofi Hip Hop Drum Kit - Samplified Essential Sounds.

We here at Fresh out of the Booth love getting sent packs and kits to try out and experiment with sounds. These packs are essential for achieving lofi sounds and are highly recommended by us.

As the music production company expands, they continue to bring different genres of production and create tutorials to assist in production efforts.

To listen to Samplified’s current sample packs, you can visit their Soundcloud. You can keep up with the latest updates on future sample pack releases on their Official Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samplified Twitter: https://twitter.com/samplifiedus Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samplified.us/ Website: https://samplified.us/

Purchase Here:

Lofi Hip Hop Drum Kit: https://samplified.us/collections/essential-sounds/products/lofi-hip-hop-drum-kit-samplified-essential-sounds Lo-fi Sounds and Drum Kit 'Lo-fi & Chill': https://samplified.us/collections/premium-packs/products/lo-fi-sounds-and-drum-kit-by-quickly-quickly