Money Bagz: is back with a brand new single fresh off the press: “Make It Out!”

Money Bagz is an artist and performer who approaches music with utmost qualitative excellence, dedication, and craft. He has a unique life story, and what’s special about his background is that it truly has a strong impact on his music. In order to further understand the artist’s releases, such as his new single, “Make It Out,” it’s important to take a little step back, and get to learn more about Money Bagz. How did it all start?

Born and raised in Far Rockaway, Queens, Money Bagz grew up surrounded by a rather complicated environment. He had to overcome a wide range of challenges throughout his childhood, such as having to undergo kidney reconstructive surgery at the age of 2. He actually became the first kid in the world to do so!

By the age of 13, he was already traveling through the country as an athlete, playing basketball. However, he found himself hustling and discovering the gang lifestyle by the age of 15. The artist ended up serving a term in Rikers due to Armed Robbery.

Followed his time in jail, he realized that he wanted to turn things around: this is why he focused on his rap career! After a very close call, in which Money Bagz was stabbed over 20 times, he was hospitalized, but eventually recovered, and returned stronger than ever!

“Make It Out,” the new single release from this amazing artist, is an absolute banger! This song combines real storytelling with one-of-a-kind melodies, and a witty lyrical flow that is honest, yet also personal and direct. “Make It Out,” talks about Money Bagz’s on story, but the song is so powerful, because it can actually speak to the heart of many people. This rap artist is the voice of many, many young people who have been struggling to get their life on track. As the song title implies, he truly made it out, and he is a true inspiration for others to do just the same. Money Bagz kicks off this song with a cool intro, and the beat kicks in smashing, with a fantastic flow and a unique vibe.

His sound could be described as a very personal combination of hip-hop, and R&B, tipping the hat off to influential artists like Kendrick Lamar, Notorious B.I.G., A Tribe Called Quest, and J. Cole, only to mention but a few.

Recently, Money Bagz signed with 6569ent, a record label with a strong focus on promoting prime hip-hop talents! His debut single, “Anymore,” is a truly inspiring track, and the success of this release was followed by yet another massive tune, “JUMP”, also featuring King Los and JRDN.

These releases encapsulate the artist’s unique production aesthetics, with a lush, spontaneous sound that feels textural and multi-dimensional.

The instrumentals are powerful and balanced, while the vocal melody is present and jumps out of the speaker, while still remaining firmly anchored to the mix! Everything is quite balanced, with just the right amount of spice and excitement to do something amazing.

At the end of the day, Money Bagz stands out for his distinctive character, and this release is a true treat for any music fans who enjoy songs that are made with passion and enthusiasm for creativity, rather than just piggybacking on the sound of other established artists! If you seek out unique music with a stark identity, this one is the right pick for you!

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