Introducing J-GOOD (GOODIE)

J-GOOD (GOODIE) Hailing From Toronto Ontario Which Is A Region that's brusts out numerous about Of Talent these days, J-Good who is From the Jane & Finch area which is known as Jane & Driftwood Ave. Started rapping in the year 2012 which he took his quest on to making music seriously.

From his highschool days Jermaine who's his real name was told he had this powerful cool tone in his voice what made him take rap seriously after playing basketball which he was playing at the tender age of 8 years old. I went from balling into rapping which is so funny J-Good would say with a smile, his other passion other than music is clothing where he would step in a room and people would ask where did you get that.

The Name J-Good Came From His teammate On his Label G-FLY Jullius Ice whom was a childhood friend Of his him and Goodie would talk on the phone from time to time when J-Good was living in New York at the time. I'm An Artist who has lived in 2 Big cities and just loved a challenge growing up mase was my favourite rapper in the 90's and now it's Nipsey Hussle he says.

J-Good Has performed in places like New York all Over the tri-state area and Toronto and other places all over Canada his album clearview which is on all social media sites is out right now.

His Track My Time express a superb and mastered flow, in combination with a catchy hook and vibrant backing track. Listen Here:

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