A Wild Interview with THE DON KAP

Why should people listen to you when there's so much bullshit out there these days? I'm current and always will be current, because I read and I'm in touch with reality. I don't rap about cars, whores, money and drugs. I rap about relationships and I expose fake people.  Why rap and not country? Because I'm not from the south. I respect country music and I've visited every state in the south, but country isn't my thing really. At age 9, Ludacris' MOVE BITCH and Chingy's Holidae Inn got me into Rap and it has stuck with me.  Do you have sex before marriage? No.  Why not? STDS, Pregnancy scares (never for me thank god), ego battles, games.. I can give you many reasons. I prefer to get to know someone as a human being and become friends who trust eachother. After that if there's sexual tension and the moment is right, then sure, fine we'll have sex.. but only after marriage.  Do you believe you need talent to be famous these days? No.  Is Hollywood bullshit you think? Yes.  What is your next project? A 13 song album featuring the most fire middle eastern and latin beats you will ever hear, with my awesome auto-tuned hooks and deep ass voice on verses.