Roberta France "Baby I'm a Lady" and "Take me Back"

Roberta France is an Italian-born musician and singer-songwriter based in London. Described as “slightly jazzy, folksy, quirky and gritty”, Roberta infuses her catchy rhythms and sweet melodies with a unique guitar playing and distinctive vocals. She toured extensively all around the globe exploring various musical styles and interact with different people and cultures. Roberta is passionate about writing songs, inspire people and deliver music that can touch the soul and drive listeners into another beautiful world. She is currently working on her new album that will be released this coming spring 2019.

Her songs both Baby I'm a Lady and Take me Back are touching, and a mixture of gentle and holy. Her music establishes a great and meaningful connection between her and the audience. Robert France is truly a work of art. Glorious and sincere vocals, to a soothe and holy backing track. A talent that must not go unnoticed as it continues to make waves around the world and create a platform.

You can listen to Baby I'm a Lady here: