Covert Entertainment & Soundworks Releases A New Album "Suspicious Packages #2"

Dwayne "Muffla" Simon is one of the original pioneers of hip hop. As the man responsible for lacing hip hop with his special sauce by writing, producing and arranging super hits for artists such as LL Cool J, Run DMC and Ice Cube, Simon once ruled the charts as one of the original members of the L.A. Posse, a legendary multi-platinum production team. With songs that included LL Cool J's "I Need Love," and "Jingling Baby," "Beats to the Rhyme" for Run DMC and "Jackin' the Beats" for Ice Cube, Simon was a musical hit making blazer.

His newest endeavor is his production company, Covert Entertainment & Soundworks (, which marks his foray back into the music business. The recent release "Suspicious Packages #2" is his first production album in 20 years! "Suspicious Packages #2" returns west coast hip hop to its original funk inspired origins. As Simon confidently states, "The goal was to make sure each joint checked all the boxes for longevity, potential, the nod factor, C-walkability, 'unfuckwitable' bars and lyrics - you know ... the formula." "Suspicious Packages #2" is destined to be a true classic.

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