Pale Blue Dot Releases New Album "Anatomy"

Pale Blue Dot is a band based in Charlottesville, VA. It was founded by musician Tony LaRocco as a way to bring fellow musicians together to explore the possibilities presented by his songwriting. Pop, alternative, progressive rock, folk and bebop jazz are all sources of inspiration for the band’s ever evolving sound. Ongoing education and open communication are core tenets that push Pale Blue Dot to innovate.

The 9 track album has a fine mix between vocals and instrumental. The tracks are somewhat easy to listen to and you feel relaxed yet excited when you listen to the tracks. The first track I Know, feels triumphant and is very engaging amongst the audience. This positive energy continues thorough the entirety of the album. I highly reccomend this album, it is carefully crafted and beautifully presented.

Their latest album "Anatomy" is available now. Go to for more information on upcoming projects.