Jonah Kue Releases A New Album "Midnight Oil"

Jonah Kue has released his new album entitled Midnight Oil. It's the third album for the singer-songwriter, following previous albums such as The Foreigner and Harvest Redux.

Raised in New York and Chicago after immigrating as a child from Bangladesh, Jonah Kue’s lyrics always have an element of a foreigner trying to define his role in his situation, whether it be relationships, social issues, etc, all layered over uniquely composed pop instrumentals. Jonah writes, composes, produces, and performs all his music.

His latest project, Midnight Oil is 9 tracks long and features artist such as Samuel, XCORCIST, Play Stay Shawn and Phoenyx Novelle.

The opening track begins with the sound of bells, and alludes to heavenly vocals to fit the theme of the track Homily. The bass then drops and a sudden groove forms. A nice touch that engages the audience completely and drags them in.

Brendan which features Play Stay Shawn, has hip/hop edm influence, yet maintains the vocal integrity and creates for a great overall touch. The sounds are interesting and experimental, yet it creates for an outstanding composition.

Whip is a personal favorite. The multilayered track sets the mood for the track. The slow vocals and thumping 808s, mixed with quick snare hits and kicks. The melody on this track is beautiful.

This album is an experience and I want you to enjoy that experience. Listen here: