Hro Palyan Releases A New Track "2 Faced" From The Album 2 Faced

Hro Palyan has released a new track entitled 2 Faced, from the album 2 Faced.

The track highlights Hro Palyan's harsh and clear tone. The flow is second to none, and the backing track fits extremely well with the themes brought up. The chorus ties the whole track together nicely. This track is highly recommended.

Hro Palyan is an up and coming Armenian - American Hip Hop artist based in Los Angeles, CA. His journey into a musical career started in childhood when he learned how to play the piano and electric guitar. Hro’s older brother was influential in introducing him to the world of rap and hip hop and to fellow artists who encouraged him to learn about music production tools like Fruity-loops, Reason, and Pro Tools. These skills became a coping mechanism that allowed Hro to express himself and deal with issues in his life. He counts the work of Dre, Eminem, Xzibit, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dog, Tupac, Naz, Jay-Z, and Dmx as influences on his sound. His previous two singles "Sick Freaks" and "White China", both featuring "The Palyans", were well received by his fan base. You can see the new video for "2 Faced" on YouTube . Follow Hro on Facebook, Instagram or go to his official website for updates on future releases.

Listen to 2 Faced here: