Sauveur Eloheem Releases EP "The Dead Tape"

25 year-old musician, Sauveur Eloheem, has released a new project entitled The Dead Tape.

Eloheem has been collecting from various genres (Jazz, Soul, Classical, Hip Hop, Trap, Rock and Roll) since he was a child.

He collabed with Cage (Chris Palko) in 2018 on a track named "Dead Souls". His track "Killuminé" is one of his more popular tracks.

Eloheem is about to drop a first LP (13 tracks) after releasing a few EP's. Rappers Cage, VII and OPM will be featured on the upcoming project.

His project The Dead Tape is 7 tracks long and features heavy 808s. catchy melodic beats and a nasty and deep flow. Eloheem's talent astounds me and you can listen to the EP here: