Introducing Londynne

Londynne is an artist/musician from Los Angeles California. He started producing music at the age of 12—mostly electronic—and kept grinding away until the age of 15. Two years later, he started his own record label, YUNG Records, to which seven artists have signed.

We have four songs from Londynne we would like to share with you today.

Ode To You / FxckLxv

This track features Domo Cis. It is dedicated to "anyone who's had their heart broken". The track is heartfelt and touching. Emotional in a strange sense. It is put together well and highlights both Londynne's and Domo Cis' talent.

Cost Me Something

Cost Me Something has a great sound. Its emotional and not your usual rap track. It is still upbeat despite the emotional themes and that's what makes it great. The music video also is extremely aesthetic and you can catch it here.


Downtime continues the theme of melancholic alternative rap. It is well produced and the vocals are strong in this track. Downtime is a strong asset to Londynne's discography. I highly reccomend this track.

Quiver (Londynne Remix/Cover)

This track was originally an unreleased song by BROCKHAMPTON, but Londynne remixed and re-imagined the track. This track sounds amazing and pure. In combination with the vocals, this composition is not only perfect, but highly recommended.