Introducing CHUPAPI

CHUPAPI has been writing music for 8 years now and recording/audio engineering for himself and other artist for 3 years now. He started off with the song "hit a lick", gaining minimal popularity but was really created for entertainment purposes.

He began to perform at different venues and what changed his life was when somebody sang along to his entire song, not missing a word. This made him realize his love for music and how one song can impact another human being.

Music provides CHUPAPI with a way to escape from all the annoying, stressful and tough parts of life.

He told us " In the studio I can just be me and work on my own craft and that 's what I love the most."

A song of his that really hit us hard in the feels is Expectations. The track is moving and emotional. The vocals in mix with the backing track creates pure perfection. You can listen here: