SCHEMES Prepare To Release New EP!

The band SCHEMES will be releasing their highly anticipated EP SCHEMES on April 26. Two tracks off the album Hello and Tomorrow are available to listen to now.

Take a all-star team of arrangers, composers and writers from Montreal, don’t give them any instructions and let them navigate through free jazz, hip hop soul and broken beats: this is what you will get. The musicians from Schemes were once session musicians for successful pop artists. Their scheme was to make that pop money and put it into a project in which there was no compromise, straight music for the soul.

Much like the session they we’re locked in, this release is a one time deal. It was recorded in various high-end studio’s in between pop sessions, in the early hours of the morning when ghosts tend to roam. Everything you hear is live, no gimmicks. Schemes has been supported on underground radio’s across the world on France’s Rinse FM, New York’s Lot Radio and Brooklyn Radio, as well as London’s iconic Reprazent radio.

Tomorrow is everything you want in a song. Smoothly played instruments and glorious heavenly vocals. The sudden rap vocals are strong and fluent. The flow is unique and great to listen to. This track excites me for future projects.

Here is the music video for Tomorrow:

This release will see a limited tape release due on April 26th. The B-side holds an exclusive mix by alldayjam containing soulful finds from all over the globe. One these tapes are they are gone, they are gone.

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