Monolith Releases New EP "Vermin Among Us"

Death-Metal group Monolith have released a stellar new 4 track EP entitled Vermin Among Us including the tracks Spit, End Of Times, World Behind and the self titled Vermin Among Us. The EP offers intense riffs, insane drum playing and deep and demonic vocals.

The intro track Spit, really warms up the audience for what they are about to experience. A demonic and intense EP that holds back nothing. The instant guitar riffs and drums are superb, and the introduction to the vocals couldn't be better. Spit is an intense and compelling track that needs to be listened to.

Spit is also accompanied by a thrilling lyric video for the audience's pleasure. The visuals are dark and compelling. You can watch the video here:

The track, End Of Times offers a similar experience of the first track. Heavy, intense and chilling lyricism, mixed well with the intensity of the instrumental. This track is sure to keep you awake and captivates the audience's attention and interest to an exceptional extent.

The track World Behind features fellow artist Andreas Joklitschke. The compelling and intense lyricisim accompanies the extravagant drums, guitar and bass. The track demonstrates an intense and chilling vibe, that must be experienced by listening to the track.

The final track, the self titled, Vermin Among Us, wraps up the EP nicely. The final stand if you will. This band hammers it out on this track and delievers an exceptional experience. You feel saddened once you reach the end of the EP and you want to hear more from this band. Its only a matter of time before this band delievers more goods for us to enjoy.

The EP releases on the 26.04.19