3Mind Blight Set To Release His Hit New Single "A Good Life" on Spotify and other Streamin

3Mind Blight is an artist that has mastered many genres, often fusing genres such as hip hop and rock to create a unique and stellar sound. He is set to release his new track A Good Life, that was recently published on Soundcloud, onto Spotify and other streaming services.

3Mind Blight takes on all aspects of his music. He creates the sound in production, records, mixes and masters the track all by himself. He has so willingly created an epic track in doing so. A Good Life is unlike any common song nowadays, it challenges assumptions. Is it rock? Is it Hip Hop? In doing so, its created a sound that is unique and that simply works. The vocals, backed by the instrumental work hand in hand to deliver an exceptional listening experience that is highly recommended by yours truly.

The track will be published to major streaming services on May 2 2019, but you can listen to the track using the Soundcloud link here. When the track is published on Spotify, make sure to come back to add it to your playlist.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/3mindblight/a-good-life

3Mind Blight Spotify Profile: https://open.spotify.com/artist/67IJEDXwI7U9S1pS2HJATp