Winfried Strauss Releases New Album "Textures of Being"

Minimal piano avantgarde artist Winfried Strauss, has released a new 9 track album entitled Textures of Being. The album is of the experimental genre, as it ventures into the unknown and uncovers new and unheard of sounds, in tracks such as French Mood, Lost Dream and Song Without a Name.

Winfried Strauss highlights the juxtaposition in music, making obvious the differences between loud and soft and beautiful and ugly. The artist has a simplistic approach in his creative process, in order to create a sincere and beautiful sound. A sound that is quite unique in its own sense.

Textures of Being features artist such as Amy Gedhaudas, Nikolas Schreck and Zefora. All offer their unique input into creating beautiful music.

All songs focus on the beautifully played piano, and accompanied by beautiful vocals. One of the better vocal deliveries is from Nikolas Schreck in the track Lost Dream. It comprises of mysterious lyricism by Edgar Allan Poe, up for the audience's interpretation.

This album is beautiful and you can stream here: