CHARLY & THE CHARACTERS Release A New Single "Don’t Know Don’t Care"

Band CHARLY & THE CHARACTERS, have released a new single entitled, Don't Know Don't Care.

"Don’t Know Don’t Care" is the new single from Los Angeles based musical artist Charly. This isn’t the first time the writer/producer/director of the music video for the inclusive gay rights video, Zoé Pelloux, has partnered with Charly. The two artists have worked together before on Charly’s first viral music video "What’s Next?," and their professional chemistry extends to their personal life, Charly and Zoé are engaged.

From the guitar vocals to the guitar solo, everything about this tracks works and creates for a wholesome listening experience. This track is sincere and is extremely easy to listen and relax to. There is a certain vibe to this band that is rare and homey. I love this track and what CHARLY & THE CHARACTERS have to offer. I highly recommend this track.

Listen Here: