Cplus Releases New Track "Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend"

Cplus has released a new track entitled Best Friend.

Cplus' vocals are glorious and bless a somewhat simplistic track. This is an artist that can adapt to different aspects of music and create greatness. Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend is an example of this, as the vocals become the focus and create for a stunning track.

Clifton Johnson, known by artist name Cplus, is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, and pianist hailing from Oklahoma City. He has opened for headlining acts such as Joe, Usher, Tony Terry, and Mint Condition. Over the last two years, Cplus has continuously toured and performed live with his band, "Born in November," resulting in numerous television appearances and online interviews. With the rising success of his band and a promising solo career ahead of him, Cplus is on his way to the top.

Listen Here: